Albums and Shows not in correct order

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    I need to display all shows in chronological order – the same goes for my albums. As yet it seems to display them in reverse order. Could you resolve this please?



    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hi Sean, reverse-chronological order is how WordPress blog posts and most other content works out of the box. You can manually change the order of the posts by changing the published date.

    But to change the order completely you would need to use a plugin or some custom coding, which you can’t do on, you would need to be on a self-hosted WordPress install to do this.

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    so i presume that in the album theme live demo site, you have altered the publish date for each of the show posts?

    A problem that i also haven’t been able to deal with is changing the number of shows displayed on the shows page. Ideally I could display all of them but it has a limit of 6 right now…


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    Yes, or they were published in a certain order so that the show dates would be in the correct order. Sorry about that, it’s a limitation of how works.

    I think the number of shows per page should be the same as blog posts per page, if you change that in the admin settings.

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