Adjust height of featured image, hide author, etc.

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    Like the theme very much, thank you!

    Here are some questions:

    (1) The featured images are trimmed off in the slider and the single posts as shown on the front page and for example Is there css solutions that could help me show the full height of the featured images on both?

    (2) I managed to hide author info on each post with your help (thanks), but (a.) it results in the shade area (title+excerpt) moving up a little now instead of stay in the bottom of the featured image (see aforementioned link); and (b.) on the front page the slash and space “/ ” between author and date remains even the author is now hidden (see the homepage How should i fix this?

    (3) Is it possible to hide the latest posts column on the front page? If not, is it possible then to show only some of the categories (let’s say category A) in this column or hide certain category (let’s say category B) using css?

    (4) Is it possible to change the phrase “see all posts” to “see all articles”?

    Thanks a lot.


    The blog I need help with is:

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