Adding thumbnails to archived posts

  • How can I get a new thumbnail image, different from my featured image for that post, to appear in the archived posts list? (and, I’d also like a different image to appear when you click on that single post to view the detail of that post).

    I keep a series of featured images on my page to introduce viewers to that page, but since you can click on the archived post list you can see the featured stories in the archives list…the images on my archive pages are too wide (since they were chosen to be large images for the sliding images on the front page) so my archived pages look messy.

    I’ve tried cropping the images but that changes both the featured post in the sliding images on the front page as well as the thumbnails. I must be missing something about how to create a archive thumbnail and post image that’s distinct from the featured image? (or, to just not have my featured images appear in my archived posts?)



    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • (I have the CSS upgrade)


  • Hey there,

    Thank you for your question. I’d be happy to help.

    Unfortunately it’s not possible to have a separate featured image.

    You could use this CSS to hide the featured images on your archived posts:

    .archive .thumbnail.alignleft.wp-post-image {
    display: none;


  • I’d like to get my page working just like the Currents demo – on that demo page, the featured (large horizontal) images scrolling on the main page all have different (square) thumbnails on the archives page…and still different images appear when you click on the articles to read the actual posts.

    The thumbnails in the archived posts on the Currents demo are neatly formatted – and clearly different from the much larger, featured scrolling images associated with the original posts on the main page.

    And, the images in the posts in the archives are different than the originally associated featured images – unlike when I try to add media (when both the new media and the featured images show up in the single post view) the featured images do not show up when you look at the single posts – rather a different image appears.

    How do I do both of these changes via CSS code to make my page look more like the Currents demo?



  • Hey there,

    You can set these sizes from WP Dashboard -> Settings -> Media.

    What are your images sizes there. On the demo we are using 88×88.

    Hope this helps!


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