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    How can I add posts to a different page? I saw a previous comment that said to create a category page. I have my categories created but I do not see how to create a page nor add them to the menu. Please help.
    Thanks! Emily

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi Emily!

    You’re right, you’ll want to read through this guide about adding a category page to your site’s navigation menu.

    I hope this helps :)


    Hey – I read the guide and it makes sense the only problem is that what I see on my end doesn’t match up to the guide. The only category option I see is under Dashboard –> posts–> categories and there, it is only a list of the categories. There is no option to add them to a menu as the guide states. Under my menu page, there is no option to add categories as per the instructions. I’m a bit confused as to why I’m not seeing the proper thing.


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    Hi again, Emily :)

    Rather than going to your Posts → Categories page, please try navigating to Appearance → Menus. On this page, you’ll find your categories. Select your category and click Add to Menu.


    Hi, I’ve looked there as well and there are no categories there. Can I send you a screen grab?


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    Hi again, Emily!

    That would be appreciated. Please read through this tutorial about making a screenshot.


    Thanks for your help. Shortlinks below. – This is posts –> categories – This is appearance –> menus


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    Thanks for the screenshots!

    Try clicking the Screen options tab in the top right corner when you’re on Appearance → Menus and make sure the Categories box is checked.


    ugh ok! Thank you! It works now. I appreciate your help.


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    You’re welcome, Emily! We’re glad to help!

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