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    Hi there!

    I am looking for help to add a down arrow to my home page to notify the user of text below. Is this possible to do without using a plugin?
    I have tried many different css inputs however cant find a solution.

    here is a link to the website:

    thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hello, I’m afraid there isn’t an easy way to add this without the use of a plugin. It may be possible to do with CSS or HTML, but this would be a customization that goes beyond the scope of what we’re capable of offering here in theme support. I’d recommend either using a plugin, or having a customization service, such as, make this change.



    Hey Emily,

    Thanks for your response. I understand it may be too elaborate to explain the entire process here in the forum, but I am fairly confident I can figure out how to go about doing this if you at least provide a little guidance.

    If you could assist me in how to add content on the front homepage (i.e. the down arrow image) I will try and solve the rest.

    I am thinking that I might be able to use @keyframes to target the down arrow image and then get it to move towards an anchored section on the page below it.




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    Hi Henry,

    What I meant is that this level of customization actually goes beyond the knowledge of our support team (in other words – I don’t have the answer). Because they require a bit more involved HTML, it’s not something our support is trained in. The level of customization work I’m able to offer would be simple CSS style changes, but that’s about it (other than basic theme support).

    Since it sounds like you may just need a little guidance, it’s very possible someone in the general WordPress forums would be able to help you with this, there’s bound to be someone there who is more experienced with the development side of things. If you’re determined to do it yourself, I’d recommend posting this question in the general forum and try your luck there. Sorry I couldn’t help!

    If you have any other theme-related questions, let me know. Thanks!



    Thanks Emily,

    sorry for my misinterpretation.
    I randomly figured it out last night with some googling.

    – Henry


    Theme Author

    Great Henry, glad you resolved it! Let us know if you need anything else!

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