Add introductory text and an image to portfolio page

  • Hi there,
    I’ve set my blog up to have a static front page and several other pages. One is ‘Poems’. I want to have this page as a portfolio page. I currently have on this page a lovely photo and a line of text. Underneath this I then want the portfolio grid, linking to all posts under the existing category ‘poems’. I understand how to achieve the portfolio bit, but not how to keep the photo and text at the top. I really would like this to remain if possible.

    Is it possible to have both elements on this page and if so how? Please advise.
    I love the theme by the way. I’m glad i upgraded :)


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hello!

    I’m afraid it is not possible to both have the portfolio grid and keep the image and text from within the content of the page. This would require editing the template which is not possible on

    The alternative would be to use the portfolio shortcode (, however you would not get the same layout as you do with the theme’s portfolio.

    Thank you!


  • Thanks Rebecca,

    That’s fine, I have changed my plan to fit. I’ve set up the ‘Poems’ page as a portfolio. Now I’m wondering whether I can link to the portfolio page from my About page?

    ie: could i say on the About page, something like:
    ‘I also write poems and have had many published. See more at Poems’

    … and have the word Poems clickable which will take you to the poems page?

    I’m new to all this and having fun, but I hardly know the words to describe what I’m asking for :) Sorry! But hope you catch my meaning.



  • Also… on my ‘poems’ page, (portfolio template) when I click on an excerpt/featured image, it opens up the whole post. Great! Now, is there a way to NOT have the arrows at the bottom which take you to the next published post or the previous post? These are not always in the same category. I want to keep people on poems only.

    for example here’s a link to the page:

    So on this page the arrows direct you to ‘on the wonder of photography’ or ‘a taste of things to come’. I’d rather these weren’t there if possible!


  • Hi Trudi,

    You can add an html link to any words within the content of your About page which will link to the page of your choice. Simple add the following as an example:

    Click <a href="">here</a> to go to poems.

    Edit as desired.

    You can hide the navigation at the bottom of your posts by adding the following CSS in the Custom CSS add-on:

    .post-navigation {
        display: none;



  • Rebecca, you’re a genius.

    Thank you. It’s looking good!

    (I’m sure there will be more questions from me. Watch this space!)

  • Glad to help! :)



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