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    How do I add images to a slideshow page? I do not fins the the Add media button anywhere in the new block editor.


    The blog I need help with is:


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    There is a guide to using the slideshow page template here in the setup documents:

    Just scroll down to “Using the Slideshow Page Template”

    Let us know if you run into any questions! Thanks!


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    Thanks for your reply! I have tried multiple times now. I managed to make it work in the ios app. But on mac os, I don’t find the steps that are mentioned in the guide.

    It is more clear when I use the old editor, but when I try the new block editor the buttons are simply not there. Have you any experience with the new block editor in relationship to the slideshow page template?



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    It is a little more tricky using the block editor. The easiest way to apply images to the Slideshow template is using the Media Library.

    1. Navigate to the Media Library in the WordPress admin.
    2. Choose the list view option, so media items are displayed in a list instead of thumbnails.
    3. Click the “Attach” link next to the images you wish to assign to your slideshow.
    4. Within the popup, search for you page with the Slideshow page template applied, and attach the image.
    5. Repeat this step for each image you wish to add to the slideshow.

    This screenshot may help,

    Let us know if that works. Thanks!


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    Thanks a lot! That was very helpful.

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