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    I’d like to be able to have the images I’ve featured in the photo galleries link to an external pages I’ve set up on ShopLocket for purchases. Each image needs a unique external link. WordPress help has looked at this with me, and we’ve not found any way to do so. Is that a function you can add?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there.

    There’s no way to do this using galleries, however there’s no reason you couldn’t insert individual images and then add external links to your shop through those images.

    Does that help?


    Well, I’d already figured that out. But then I lose the ability to create a slideshow gallery, and can’t add captions (titles) if I try to grid the images on one page to “look like a gallery” and finally, it’s immensely more time-consuming. Any fix you can offer? It would be a great feature that I’m sure many would appreciate, since the ecommerce support in is so limited. Thanks.


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    Hi – I’m afraid the gallery functionality can’t be changed – it’s an integral part of WordPress and so there’s no way to change it. I suspect you’ll find this is the same for all WordPress themes. If you know of a theme on that does this in a better way then I would be happy to have a look at what they’ve done and see if I can do something similar.



    Hi, I have the same issue, as I guess anyone using wordpress has after reading your posts. It appears the gallery option in our expensive themes (I’m with Promenade) is the standard wordpress plugin, so there is no additional functionality for being able to link images in a gallery to external pages and to provide images.

    What I think we’re looking for is something like this site which seems to be based on

    Any suggestions for how we can have this type of functionality in our sites? And, is there any talk in the developer pipelines to get the type of basic functionality for linking and adding descriptions to images in galleries? It doesn’t seem like a rocket science request, if you know what I mean?

    Thanks for reading!



    to provide descriptions to images is what I meant to say at the end of my first paragraph – just noticed my typo.


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    Hi – If you want support for your theme then you’ll need to check out the Promenade support forums since I don’t know anything about that theme.

    That said – the WordPress gallery functionality is
    a) independant from the theme, so not something theme developers can change
    b) standard and I can’t see it changing anytime soon. It’s part of WordPress and is the same for all themes.

    I’m not sure what is different between the site you linked and any of the sites on The homepage is just a images that link to blog posts. I have two themes that does just that (Puzzle and Lens), and there are plenty of others made by other people.

    There’s already methods for adding descriptions to uploaded media. You can add a description – which will show on the attachment page, or a caption, which will show on the gallery page.


    Thanks for clarifying about the WordPress gallery functionality. Sounds like we need to take up our concerns with You’ve also hit upon a solution to my issue, which is that I could add Shop and a link in my descriptions. At least, I think so. Will test it out.

    Since I neglected to say so the first time, I’ll add that I think Bromley is a spectacular theme. It’s been my major gripe with the Reader that it keeps my readers trapped in its ugly reader, so that they rarely venture out to my site to enjoy all of the Bromley features I’ve brought to bear there.

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