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    Is there anyway to add buttons towards the top of website (like under website name and tagline)? I was thinking something very similar to social media style (like stories in Instagram or fb).


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hello there,

    Unfortunately only Social menu is allowed to be shown in this position.

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    Ricardo P.

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    Does this mean there isn’t any CSS code to get this effect either? Or multiple CSS codes? For instance, 1 CSS to put social at top, then additional CSS to customize buttons into circles, size of circles, etc.

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    Hello there.

    Yes, that can be. But the links and icons will be the same. I mean if you have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the header, you will have the same icons under the website name and tagline block.

    It will be the same as you have in the footer with social icons with the social network name and in the header nav where only icon is shown.

    You can have icon + text in a button or just the text in a button or just the icon in a button. But the links will be the same.

    Sorry if I’m not understanding it correctly :)


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