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    I bought the Adaline theme recently that looks so great on my blog ! I am really in love with it !
    I have a few questions however.

    First, I added a header picture. I thought it would adapt properly to any device, however it looks great only on my computer and on my iPad. On my iphone the picture is not complete (I can’t see my logos) because Adaline uses the left part of my header. Can I change this ?

    Secondly, I experimented a problem triying to feature an article. I added the featured tag in my last article hoping it would appears in the featured zone, but instead the article “disappeard of the website… Clearly the featured zone doesn’t display my articles… Is there something I made wrong, do I need to activate the function somewhere ?

    Thanks for your support !

    The blog I need help with is



    Ok I found out about the featured zone, I thought it was “maximum 5 featured articles”, but it’s “at least”.

    However I still have the “problem” with my custom header on mobile :)


    Theme Author

    Hello emmadikongue,

    First of all, thanks so much for purchasing Adaline, as well as the kind words about it. That’s much appreciated.

    Anyway, I’ve just made a change to the theme that will center the header image instead of pushing it off from the left.

    Does this solve your issue?



    I just checked on my phone and it’s now absolutely perfect ! :D

    Thank you so much !


    Theme Author

    Great! I will mark this thread as resolved. Thanks again for your purchase. :)

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