About Page Colors Changing

  • For some reason the background on the about page on my blog is a bright pink instead of the pastel red it should be, causing the text to be unreadable. What can I do to make it the default color.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • I was just searching for the answer when I stumbled upon the forum. I’m currently in the same situation and it’s certainly making the text very difficult to read.

    My blog, if needed is tellingwisdoms.wordpress.com

  • @alecdc105, @hallofrumors:

    I just checked your blog and the default color seems to work now. But I think at the moment the Custom Color Upgrade is causing a problem for the info page background image.

    Unfortunately I can not solve the issue myself, since it is caused by the Color upgrade, but I already reported the problem to the WordPress.com theme team and I believe they can solve the problem pretty soon now at the beginning of the week and then everything should work fine.

    I will post there again, as soon as the issue is solved, I’m sorry that you will still have to wait a little bit though…

    Best, Ellen

  • If you send my your site URL, I also might be able to prepare a first workaround CSS fix for you, so that you can include some custom CSS until the issue is solved.

    Best, Ellen

  • I think you’re right that custom colors is causing the problem. I fixed my info page by going into the customizer and setting the color scheme to default.

  • Hi all, we are looking into this issue, thanks for reporting it. I’ll keep everyone updated here.

  • Okay, great, thanks for your help, Kathryn!

  • Hi @hallofrumors,

    Apologies for the trouble!

    I fixed the issue on your site in a way similar to what @alecd105 did — enabled the Custom Design preview, set the default color scheme, and then exited the preview.

    So far, I have not been able to repeat this issue on my test sites. If it happens again, please let us know.

    Just to help me troubleshoot — did either of you set a custom background color previously when using another theme before you switched to Kiore Moana? Thanks!

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