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    I have really struggeled to find a theme that fits me and I hope that this is the one. Altough I need to make a few alterations for it to work for my blog…

    When it says “related” on the bottom of a post, can I manage to get the photo to appear as well and not only the headline of the related posts?

    Can I change the dropdown menu (or what it’s called) under “oppskriftsarkiv”, the one that’s black and grey? I would really like it plain white, without any boxes or anything. And a dark grey font.

    Can I get rid of the search box right to the main menu?

    Can I get rid of the light grey lines between each of the pages in the menu? As well as the boxes around recent comments?

    Is there any way I could get one featured image on the front page to be bigger than the other? So it has the same size as when you click on that post. In this way you can more easily see what’s the newest image (instead of just the small pictures 2×2).

    Can I get rid of the date on each post on the front side?

    And last question… I want a picture of myself and I tried to find a image widget. Altough I can only find one where I can put in the URL for the picture. Is there any way I can just upload the picture from my computer, instead of having to post in on the internet somewhere and then copy the URL?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Also what is the original font for headlines and text in the theme? I can’t find it… I would really like to change to it.


    This question has been answered in the CSS support forum: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/curator-theme-css?replies=3#post-2496760.

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