a couple of questions regarding customizing

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    hey there, overall, very pleased with look and feel of this theme, still, I am struggling with customizing, maybe you can help me there!

    ok, where do I start?
    http://iwarriorlibrarian.com/?attachment_id=1112 – what can I do to get rid of that iwarriorlibarian within the post?

    http://iwarriorlibrarian.com/?attachment_id=1114 – is there a way to either widen the space or make the font used for iwarriorlibrarian smaller so that it actually would fit into one line? what I did now is typing the title with spaces ‘i warrior librarian’ – but I’d rather have it in one word

    http://iwarriorlibrarian.com/?attachment_id=1115 – the same problem here

    http://iwarriorlibrarian.com/?attachment_id=1113 – also with the mobile version on a smartphone

    can someone please help?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi there!

    I am going to refer you to the CSS Customization forum for help with your customization questions. That is the best place to get help with such issues.

    I will address the issues with the header text. You certainly can extend the width of this area, but I would not recommend it. You will be dedicating a significant portion of width to that element, which will take away from the content area. Given that Collections’ content area is fairly narrow already, I do not think you would want to do that. I would recommend adding a space to the site name so you can explicitly control the break.

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