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    I am looking at Rosalie’s Live Demo. So here are my questions.

    1. I noticed there is a white border line around header image. How do you add that?

    2. The last blog is in the center and the rest of blog are in 2 column format. How do you do that?

    3. There is no icon for my Etsy & Bloglovin social link. Is there a way to add it?

    The blog I need help with is luoluv.blog.


    Theme Author

    Hello lxjen!

    About your question:

    1. Demo site has the Featured Content (with border line around images) instead the Header image. Is a slideshow of your latest post. You can try following the instructions in the Rosalie docs (“Featured Content Slider” Section):

    You can read more about it in this topic:

    2. Yes, you can select some post to have 100% of width and show them at the top of your page. Simply mark them as sticky post:

    3. Unfortunately social icons are managed by WordPress.com and those social media networks are not included in their icon pack :(
    We hope they add them soon..

    Let us know.
    Thank you again!
    Ricardo P. from SiloCreativo



    Thank you Ricardo!

    The Featured Content Slider worked. However all my blogs are gone from the front page!
    All I saw was
    “Nothing Found
    Ready to publish your first post? Get started here.”




    Nevermind I got it. I just have to check mark the “Display tag content in all listings.”
    Thank you!
    Your theme is fantastic!


    Theme Author

    Yes! that is. This option should be unmarked to display all posts

    Thank you!
    Ricardo P. from SiloCreativo

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