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[sticky] [closed] Soundcheck – Theme Documentation 1 thelukemcdonald 3 years
[resolved] [closed] Mp3's have stopped working 6 thelukemcdonald 4 days
Audio Player/Sound not working on Windows Computers 10 thelukemcdonald 4 weeks
[resolved] [closed] Files not playing in Audio player but play everywhere else 8 thelukemcdonald 1 month
[resolved] Hero Slides Sizing 8 thelukemcdonald 2 months
[resolved] I just want my page to look like the Soundcheck demo! 4 thelukemcdonald 3 months
[resolved] Setting Up Online Store in Soundcheck Theme 2 thelukemcdonald 3 months
[resolved] Hero Slide scroll arrows 2 thelukemcdonald 3 months
[resolved] Purchased Soundcheck in January, want to use it now 2 thelukemcdonald 3 months
[resolved] Restrict Audio Download 2 thelukemcdonald 3 months
[resolved] Moving to 2 thelukemcdonald 3 months
[resolved] Problem with audio post 2 thelukemcdonald 4 months
[resolved] newsletter signups? 2 thelukemcdonald 4 months
[resolved] Audio posts and widget 2 thelukemcdonald 4 months
[resolved] Header images size 2 thelukemcdonald 4 months
[resolved] Categories Widget overlapped 2 thelukemcdonald 4 months
[resolved] Display Video on Landing Page! 4 thelukemcdonald 5 months
[resolved] Logo and drop down issues on ipad 6 thelukemcdonald 5 months
[resolved] [closed] Upcoming Events floating around in header 7 thelukemcdonald 5 months
[resolved] WP novice: I need a lot of help - events, scrolling header, etc. 4 thelukemcdonald 5 months
[resolved] [closed] Change Header Image 4 thelukemcdonald 6 months
[resolved] Demo for soundcheck? 2 thelukemcdonald 7 months
[resolved] Title site, but not on main page...? 4 thelukemcdonald 7 months
[resolved] [closed] adding audio 4 thelukemcdonald 7 months
[resolved] How do I remove the wordpress favicon and add my own 2 thelukemcdonald 7 months
[resolved] Randomize Image Carousel 2 thelukemcdonald 7 months
[resolved] Image Carousel Color 2 thelukemcdonald 7 months
[resolved] site tittle 2 thelukemcdonald 7 months
[resolved] Events Filter 4 thelukemcdonald 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Soundcheck Theme Not Google Mobile-Friendly 4 thelukemcdonald 9 months
[resolved] Using Mail Chimp with Soundcheck 2 thelukemcdonald 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Upcoming gigs and Latest Posts 8 thelukemcdonald 9 months
[resolved] [closed] footer. php 2 thelukemcdonald 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Change order of songs in player 5 werunthis 10 months
[resolved] Upload problems with any type of file 2 werunthis 10 months
[resolved] [closed] how i download the theme files 2 thelukemcdonald 10 months
[resolved] [closed] How do I link hero slider image with another url 2 thelukemcdonald 10 months
[resolved] [closed] Widget not displaying / instagram menu icon 2 thelukemcdonald 10 months
[resolved] [closed] Updating audio file titles 11 thelukemcdonald 10 months
[resolved] Creating a video page 2 thelukemcdonald 10 months
[resolved] Soundcheck Audio Player Problems & Event Issues 2 thelukemcdonald 10 months
[resolved] Center the Menu Bar 2 thelukemcdonald 11 months
[resolved] Static Home Page Not Working 16 thelukemcdonald 11 months
[resolved] No Home Columns Displaying all of a sudden! 3 breathlightbliss 11 months
[resolved] Blog summary and logo issues 15 thelukemcdonald 11 months
[resolved] audio not playing 2 thelukemcdonald 11 months
[resolved] [closed] Another Static Homepage Problem 5 thelukemcdonald 11 months
[resolved] [closed] Page d'accueil ne fonctionne pas 7 thelukemcdonald 11 months
[resolved] Another Hero Slider Image Problem 2 thelukemcdonald 11 months
[resolved] Disturbed Heroslider in Soundcheck 4 thelukemcdonald 11 months
[resolved] Static Homepage No longer working! 3 thelukemcdonald 11 months
[resolved] How to create events for Events Page 2 thelukemcdonald 11 months
[resolved] G+ added as an option in the Social Media list (in Theme Options) 6 dggerhart 11 months
[resolved] Can't get HERO SLIDER to work in Soundcheck 2 thelukemcdonald 11 months
[resolved] Image Carousel 2 thelukemcdonald 12 months
[resolved] Adding to Discography Page 2 thelukemcdonald 1 year
[resolved] [closed] Where are the blogs? 5 thelukemcdonald 1 year
[resolved] Hero slide picture issue 2 thelukemcdonald 1 year
[resolved] Help setting a new site with Soundcheck theme 2 thelukemcdonald 1 year
[resolved] Instagram and Twitter widgets? 2 thelukemcdonald 1 year
[resolved] Bug on Android 4.0.3 - Soundcheck Audio 4 thelukemcdonald 1 year

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