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Topic Post Count Last Poster Freshness
[sticky] [closed] Getting Started With Publisher 1 okaythemes 1 year
[resolved] 4 columns instead of 3 5 historiasdecasa 2 months
[resolved] feature photo size 3 peachypotter 2 months
[resolved] featured photo uniform sizing 4 mmcalister 2 months
[resolved] Have you considered adding widget space to the footer? 5 buchstabenmeer 3 months
[resolved] Main column width 7 historiasdecasa 3 months
[resolved] Custom CSS to hide featured image on post page 4 thejohnparris 3 months
[resolved] Moving header image above menu listing 3 crockpotempire 4 months
[resolved] New Page like Home Page 3 historiasdecasa 4 months
[resolved] Color of menu names and category names 2 mmcalister 4 months
[resolved] Question about sidebar and footer widgets 2 mmcalister 4 months
[resolved] Header Image Display Size and Removing Site Title 3 mmcalister 4 months
[resolved] Featured Image not clear on when viewing post 2 crockpotempire 4 months
[resolved] search box/header 5 jhyatt 4 months
[resolved] header - text logo 4 thejohnparris 4 months
[resolved] Chronological order 6 thejohnparris 6 months
[resolved] Theme for WordPress Org 5 historiasdecasa 6 months
[resolved] Change header text (right menu) 3 historiasdecasa 6 months
[resolved] Menus and IE8 3 mmcalister 6 months
[resolved] Back Button in the Browser ISSUES!!! 2 okaythemes 6 months
[resolved] Hot to chnge teh links in the footer 3 glassfulteam 6 months
[resolved] Link post format 2 okaythemes 7 months
[resolved] Header Theme for Publisher Not Sizing 4 okaythemes 7 months
[resolved] Author pages 3 thejohnparris 7 months
[resolved] Change main header height 3 historiasdecasa 7 months
[resolved] Justify excerpt text 3 historiasdecasa 7 months
[resolved] Change the main text font size 2 thejohnparris 7 months
[resolved] Change footer background color 2 thejohnparris 7 months
[resolved] Change every hiperlink color 3 historiasdecasa 8 months
[resolved] Change header color 5 historiasdecasa 8 months
[resolved] Gray border in tags 5 historiasdecasa 8 months
[resolved] Mobile version error 2 thejohnparris 8 months
[resolved] Remove quote from recent posts 2 thejohnparris 8 months
[resolved] Coments from facebook 2 thejohnparris 8 months
[resolved] Hide ONLY Author 6 thejohnparris 8 months
[resolved] Drop down menu stopped working 6 thejohnparris 8 months
[resolved] Adding a PodLove Podcasting Plugin 2 thejohnparris 8 months
[resolved] Featured Slider on Home Page 2 thejohnparris 8 months
[resolved] Use special fonts 2 thejohnparris 8 months
[resolved] Featured photo added to RSS Feed 2 thejohnparris 8 months
[resolved] Change color/headers of Publisher 2 okaythemes 8 months
[resolved] Change color of blue buttons/details 5 spiritsocial 8 months
[resolved] Optimal image size 5 okaythemes 9 months
[resolved] Linking back to home/index from blog post 5 sfproductguy 9 months
[resolved] Make custom header link to homepage 3 spiritsocial 9 months
[resolved] Quote Style / Smaller White Author Name 3 okaythemes 9 months
[resolved] Header image height 2 thejohnparris 9 months
[resolved] Side bar 2 okaythemes 10 months
[closed] Custom header image is only showing a small portion... 2 okaythemes 10 months
[resolved] details/about tabs 2 okaythemes 11 months
[resolved] Want Sidebar on Front Page 4 momntco 11 months
[closed] Problem with costum font 6 okaythemes 11 months
[resolved] Add Extra Social Link in header 3 rjharv 11 months
[closed] Portfolio feature and shortcode 3 okaythemes 11 months
[closed] Display list of child pages on a page... 2 okaythemes 11 months
[closed] Gray border around logo image - Publisher theme 5 okaythemes 1 year
[closed] Creating a table within template 2 okaythemes 1 year
[closed] I want to download this theme source (Publisher) 2 okaythemes 1 year
[resolved] Infinite scroll page url bug (again) 4 okaythemes 1 year
[closed] Header image for the Publisher theme not uploading to the proper size? 2 okaythemes 1 year
[closed] Infinite scroll page url bug 9 kathrynwp 1 year

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