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[sticky] [closed] Frequently Asked Questions 1 tarasdashkevych 4 months
[sticky] [closed] Welcome to Fortune theme forum / Please Read First! 1 tarasdashkevych 8 months
[sticky] [closed] Video Tutorials 1 tarasdashkevych 8 months
Disable Top Bar Mobile menu 2 tarasdashkevych 1 week
Instagram Widget 21 kathrynwp 1 week
[resolved] [closed] Underline looks not fine 6 tarasdashkevych 2 weeks
[resolved] [closed] Styling the h4 widget titles in the footer? 4 tarasdashkevych 2 weeks
[resolved] [closed] How to add image to search results page? 4 tarasdashkevych 2 weeks
[resolved] [closed] Reduce vertical white space after H4 widget title in homepage headers? 4 tarasdashkevych 3 weeks
[resolved] [closed] A block quote that behaves like an image? 4 tarasdashkevych 3 weeks
[resolved] [closed] How to make an Instagram photo unclickable? 4 tarasdashkevych 3 weeks
[resolved] [closed] Adjust width of and on homepage 5 tarasdashkevych 4 weeks
[resolved] [closed] Increase height of hero image at top of Testimonials page with CSS 4 tarasdashkevych 4 weeks
[resolved] [closed] Change color of the quotation mark in the testimonials 4 tarasdashkevych 4 weeks
[resolved] [closed] What controls order of testimonials on homepage? 2 tarasdashkevych 1 month
[resolved] [closed] Remove gray background and scroll bar for Front Featured Page #2? 6 tarasdashkevych 1 month
[resolved] [closed] Homepage Grid Order & Tagline size 5 tarasdashkevych 1 month
[resolved] [closed] Suppress thumbnail on parent page for a specific child page 6 tarasdashkevych 1 month
[resolved] [closed] Assign specific testimonials to specific pages? 4 tarasdashkevych 1 month
[resolved] [closed] Missing thumbnail featured images on parent grid page 4 tarasdashkevych 1 month
[resolved] [closed] Changing background colour of pages 7 tarasdashkevych 1 month
[resolved] [closed] Change height of featured images on pages 5 tarasdashkevych 1 month
[closed] "More" tag on home page is wrong displayed 4 tarasdashkevych 1 month
[resolved] [closed] Increase point size of Widget titles 4 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] [closed] Increase size of subheadings on home page 4 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] [closed] HREF lines disappear from code! 7 kathrynwp 2 months
[resolved] [closed] Tag for lead paragraph on one single page is not working 13 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] [closed] Change color of Social icons in footer area. 4 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[closed] Social media sharing button don't display logo anymore 4 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] [closed] Front Page Widget-Instagram 10 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] [closed] Indenting a block quote doesn't indent the line on the LHS 9 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] [closed] How to hide post date 6 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] [closed] Front Page Logo & Padding 2 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] [closed] Need CSS help for Fortune 10 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] [closed] Can I change the footer widget color? 2 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] [closed] Bold character on homepage 4 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] [closed] Is there a way to add a clickable phone number, address and email in header area 8 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] [closed] Can I have two Testimonial pages? 6 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] Create a separate grid page with blog post content? 2 tarasdashkevych 2 months
[resolved] [closed] full length logo 4 tarasdashkevych 3 months
[resolved] My website appears distorted on mobile devices 2 tarasdashkevych 3 months
[resolved] [closed] how to show blog-posts as Grid elements on the parent page 4 tarasdashkevych 3 months
[resolved] Child pages are not shown as Menu items 4 tarasdashkevych 3 months
[resolved] [closed] Center align title on specified page? 3 tarasdashkevych 3 months
[resolved] [closed] Child pages on parent page in different sections 4 tarasdashkevych 3 months
[closed] Remove page title 6 tarasdashkevych 3 months
[resolved] Change front page featured image "lens" opacity. 4 tarasdashkevych 3 months
[resolved] [closed] Change font size and link 4 tarasdashkevych 3 months
[resolved] [closed] New feature "link preview box"? 7 tarasdashkevych 3 months
[resolved] [closed] Introduction/Featured Content Colour Wash Change 6 tarasdashkevych 3 months
[resolved] Featured Content Pages 2 tarasdashkevych 4 months
[resolved] Hiding the Featured Image 2 tarasdashkevych 4 months
[resolved] The jumping line 2 tarasdashkevych 4 months
[resolved] [closed] Carousel 18 tarasdashkevych 4 months
[resolved] [closed] can a 'read more' stay on the same page and reveal more content? 2 tarasdashkevych 4 months
[resolved] [closed] How to remove Powered by wordpress in the footer. 2 tarasdashkevych 4 months
[resolved] [closed] Featured content order 9 tarasdashkevych 4 months
[resolved] [closed] Html colums 9 tarasdashkevych 4 months
[resolved] [closed] Hide image 4 tarasdashkevych 4 months
[resolved] [closed] Remove link 4 tarasdashkevych 4 months
[resolved] [closed] Page two grids 8 tarasdashkevych 4 months
[resolved] [closed] Removing date and author from Portfolio page 4 tarasdashkevych 4 months
[resolved] [closed] Hiding an image 4 tarasdashkevych 5 months

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