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[sticky] [closed] Blocco - Frequently Asked Questions 1 thelukemcdonald 5 years
[resolved] Menu Customization 3 rprwg 11 months
Active Menu Link Weird Behavior 2 jleuze 11 months
[resolved] Category Title 2 rprwg 11 months
[resolved] font size 2 otjeremy 1 year
[resolved] Page width issue 4 otjeremy 2 years
[resolved] Home page not updating 3 otjeremy 3 years
[resolved] full width content is not working 3 andreasloeffl 3 years
[resolved] Remove "Category Archives" (and "Tag Archives") Label 14 otjeremy 3 years
[resolved] mobile menu will not displayed 6 otjeremy 3 years
[resolved] Widgets not working at all 2 jmrhodes32 3 years
[resolved] how can I have more than 12 blocks / blogs showing on the home page? 2 jmrhodes32 3 years
[resolved] Hello Bar 2 travistotz 3 years
[resolved] Only two columns tiling in Chrome 2 thesevenfive 3 years
[resolved] featured image too big blocco theme 2 thesevenfive 4 years
[resolved] Search field on front page 2 thesevenfive 4 years
[resolved] Is it possible to choose which blocks are shown on the home page 2 thesevenfive 4 years
[resolved] Empty title box 6 thesevenfive 4 years
[resolved] Menu size, color and font 2 thesevenfive 4 years
[resolved] Placement of main area of site 2 thesevenfive 4 years
[resolved] only 2 submenu items showing up when I have added 4 5 fixandfitoz 4 years
[resolved] Picture in menu 2 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Color of Menu 4 gaditya2592 4 years
[resolved] Can home page be copied and given a tab 2 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Blocco theme 2 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Strange spaces between blocks 4 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] How to make new Blocco grid - after throwing page away - Help! 2 nienckejoustra 4 years
[resolved] Order of blocks in Blocco 2 thesevenfive 4 years
[resolved] CSS: Addressing two specific sections: how and where? 8 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] [closed] Image: not square by default? 6 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Saturate option issue 2 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Block spacing on home page 2 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Author on posts 3 reformtest 4 years
[resolved] Line breaks in post titles 5 cwerckmeister 4 years
[resolved] Transfer by blog to my website 7 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Navigation Menu - Not Showing Full in Ipad/Iphone 6 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Menu color 2 thesevenfive 4 years
[resolved] Remove 'Home' button from menu 4 blankthemes 4 years
[resolved] how to upload our bought theme 2 thesevenfive 4 years
[resolved] spacing between the page titles on the right sidebar. 3 thesevenfive 4 years
[resolved] 9 Post per page 3 buro45 4 years
[resolved] Changing Previous / Next 2 thesevenfive 4 years
[resolved] Post Image is not showing in square line design 12 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Comment Log in Icon 2 thesevenfive 4 years
[resolved] [closed] Content width for video, slideshare etc 6 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] [closed] Font Heading 2 is not working 4 businessavatar 4 years
[resolved] [closed] Full page text width in posts and pages 3 businessavatar 4 years
[resolved] Ads appearing on our site 4 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Black tiles 2 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] How to make the title appear when the mouse hovers over it 2 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Theme for Self Hosted Blog 5 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Side menu Internet explorer display issue 9 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] site title showing up horizontally 4 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Grouping posts to a page 4 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] problem with the theme Blocco, once again needs help 2 lance 4 years
[resolved] Deleting sidebar option on blog pages? 3 mimovie12 4 years
[resolved] increase block size home page 4 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] "older posts" vs. "1/2" and some more... 2 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] Remove next post/ previous post 3 coiffemontreal 4 years
[resolved] Facebook/Twitter Widgets 2 thelukemcdonald 4 years
[resolved] problem with the themes 2 thesevenfive 4 years

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