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square gallery not displaying properly in Anthem

  1. Hi there, I just posted this question over on the main forum and I was redirected here.

    The square gallery works perfectly on my homepage, but on one other page the images are of differing sizes and the gallery looks very untidy.

    I unchecked the box on the media page, as I have written the shortcode (for square) in the posts themselves, but this makes no difference.

    the original forum post is here:

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there. I'm sorry for the trouble with your tiled galleries. The feature doesn't work well with responsiveness right now (it doesn't work at all with responsiveness yet) but I'll run some tests on my end and see if there's a way to make sure that your site at its max width displays the galleries in a proper layout. I won't be able to give you a solid answer about this until Monday; I hope that works for you and thanks a lot for your patience.

  3. great, thank you, I look forward to hearing from you

  4. @pythonessandbee: I just want to give you an update on this and let you know that a fix is in the works for this issue, and after it's rolled out your site will look something like the following: It's a bit complicated at the moment because both theme and plugin fixes have to take place, so I will keep you updated on this as it progresses. I'd like to have a resolution for you as soon as possible! Thanks a ton for your patience.

  5. OK thanks so much, I love the sizing of the photos, I appreciate your work on this issue, and it is great to have this beautiful theme working to the maximum with all the WP configurations intact.

    I noticed that when the square gallery is in effect and I specify the number of columns to display in the post - this gets overwritten and a default full width gallery is displayed instead, this is absolutely fine by me, I love it, but I was just wondering if this will be the default in future, or if it will be possible to change the number of gallery columns eventually?

    looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for your ongoing work,

  6. Status Update: A fix has been rolled out to Tiled Galleries which takes care of a lot of these issues, but the problem still remains in Anthem of some of your images having too-tall heights due to the theme's use of 'height: auto;' on images. There's no way to Undo this CSS with a different value (for example, 'height: none;'), so we're trying to figure out if fixing this on the theme end (by taking out the auto) or the plugin end (by being really agressive in image sizing) is more appropriate. As I said, I'll keep you updated.

    With regard to the number of columns, that value won't work with these tiled images. I honestly can't say whether or not this will be an option in the future but it's something that we'll need to clarify better.

    As always, thanks a ton for your patience.

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