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Topic Post Count Last Poster Freshness
[sticky] [closed] Watson Documentation 1 andyadamscp 2 years
Moving from to 1 dekompress 1 hour
Some tools disappear in the new wordpress environment. 2 melissajohill 4 days
Number of blog posts on home page 4 melissajohill 1 week
[resolved] [closed] Posting articles to a page in main menu instead of category 6 scottrrollo 1 week
Instagram embedding alignment 2 coreymckrill4ttf 1 month
[resolved] POST INTO PAGE 4 melissajohill 1 month
[resolved] home page 2 labuantimes 2 months
keep the same framework [Show sidebar with Articles: Watson theme] 6 scottrrollo 2 months
CSS 6 scottrrollo 2 months
Featured image not showing up 2 scottrrollo 2 months
Logo size?? 2 coreymckrill4ttf 2 months
[resolved] followers widget 3 generationsforpeace 3 months
Two rows 4 scottrrollo 3 months
How do I add news related blogs into a separate page 3 wjayaweera 3 months
Choose Categories To Display On Homepage 2 coreymckrill4ttf 3 months
[resolved] Font on posts/pages to match home page post preview? 2 scottrrollo 3 months
Plug-ins for adding adverts to blog 4 scottrrollo 3 months
[resolved] [closed] Adding social media icons to blog 4 scottrrollo 3 months
[resolved] [closed] Remove 'Posts from the *** category' header 4 scottrrollo 3 months
[resolved] Import images to Watson themes 20 kathrynwp 4 months
[resolved] Tagline change font and size 3 generationsforpeace 4 months
[resolved] featured slider 3 generationsforpeace 4 months
Adding additional "subscribe links" 2 tollmanz 4 months
[resolved] translations 14 icrouzet2014 4 months
[resolved] post navigation (read next article) 5 icrouzet2014 4 months
[resolved] [closed] Undo Changes? 5 scottrrollo 4 months
Featured Image problem 6 tollmanz 4 months
[closed] Lost my font 3 laura960 4 months
[resolved] Toolbar not displaying in the new editor 3 angusmiranda 5 months
Correctly listing ads 2 scottrrollo 5 months
Adding widgets to interior pages… 2 coreymckrill4ttf 5 months
Explanation of message boxes in Edit Post 4 tollmanz 6 months
[closed] Wordpress and Theme credit 4 thehealthgrind 6 months
[resolved] Wordpress and Theme credit 2 coreymckrill4ttf 6 months
[resolved] When I preview my blog post it does not show the right sidebar. 2 tollmanz 6 months
Blogs not showing up on homepage 2 coreymckrill4ttf 6 months
Adding menu tabs 4 scottrrollo 7 months
how to add google analytics to site 2 scottrrollo 7 months
How do I fix line breaks? 8 tollmanz 7 months
[closed] Background image help 6 rudeysroom 7 months
Adding Widgets given to me 2 tollmanz 7 months
Underneath slider, I no longer see a preview of my posts with photo on the left 2 tollmanz 7 months
Full width post? 8 scottrrollo 7 months
Making posts full-width 2 coreymckrill4ttf 7 months
Duplication of Style from Watson example: Header 4 tollmanz 8 months
Columns 5 tollmanz 9 months
Lower case to normal 2 coreymckrill4ttf 9 months
Lower case font site description 2 tollmanz 9 months
Problem with the home page 2 coreymckrill4ttf 9 months
Watson Pre-Defined Styles not appearing with "Kitchen Sink" option 5 coreymckrill4ttf 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Featured Images Cropped? 4 scottrrollo 10 months
[resolved] [closed] Does the featured slider rotate automatically? 6 scottrrollo 10 months
[resolved] Hiding tagline from showing up on the homepage 3 gymlion 10 months
Adding like buttons to the homepage 2 scottrrollo 10 months
can the featured image be removed from the individual post? 4 tollmanz 10 months
Header Font Sizes 2 tollmanz 10 months
[closed] No Paragraph Breaks 3 theworkwithsusan 10 months
keep same height for post slider 2 scottrrollo 11 months
[resolved] image size in slider 9 coreymckrill4ttf 11 months
[resolved] styling a paragraph 4 kapos1 11 months

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