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Topic Post Count Last Poster Freshness
[sticky] [closed] Welcome to InfoWay 1 neeraga1 10 months
Mobile Themes Header Image 3 stpeternrlifeteen 2 days
Taking the Title off the Page body and Post body 2 neeraga1 2 days
Slider - tie to pages rather than posts 6 strykeindustries 1 month
[resolved] Reset Theme to Deafult 6 novapoochrescueinc 1 month
[resolved] clickable link on image slider 2 neeraga1 2 months
[resolved] Add text below image slider on home page 2 designsimply 2 months
[resolved] narrow top header missing 3 peteriri 2 months
[resolved] Header size on mobile 2 neeraga1 3 months
[resolved] I need to decrease the width of header 2 neeraga1 3 months
[resolved] Removing the 5 labels from the front page slider 3 ausjettys 3 months
[resolved] How do I hide/remove all of the tags from posts? (author,date etc.) 12 ausjettys 3 months
[resolved] PDF Downloads Page 2 neeraga1 3 months
[resolved] Homepage slider does not work 3 stalbansadmin 3 months
[resolved] Home page issues 6 neeraga1 4 months
[resolved] Photos to the home or post page like demo site 4 neeraga1 4 months
[resolved] Featured Content Slider Entries 2 neeraga1 4 months
[resolved] Slider Photo Ratio? 2 neeraga1 4 months
[resolved] Photos and description wont show up for featured content 8 karicookingbeautifully 4 months
[resolved] Remove header from specific pages 2 neeraga1 5 months
[resolved] Is there an Image Slider (not for blog) on InfoWay? 2 neeraga1 5 months
[resolved] Page Headers 4 neeraga1 5 months
[resolved] Homepage right feature widget 2 neeraga1 6 months
[resolved] Theme Option 2 neeraga1 6 months
[resolved] Changing line-height in post titles 3 jaclynpieleski 7 months
[resolved] Slider & Blog Summaries on front page 22 neeraga1 7 months
[resolved] Background glitch when clicking on links 3 jaclynpieleski 7 months
[resolved] Not all comments showing 5 beatbox32 7 months
[resolved] photo slider: who moved the "featured content" option? 10 dneuen 7 months
[resolved] important message bar 4 dneuen 7 months
[resolved] How do I export the theme to an external site? 2 neeraga1 7 months
[resolved] Where is the slider speed setting located? 3 yawninggetsyounowhere 7 months
[resolved] Top Infobar Heading - Not centered 2 neeraga1 7 months
[resolved] Top Infobar Heading - Not centered 3 neeraga1 7 months
[resolved] Slider has suddenly increased in speed 7 yawninggetsyounowhere 8 months
[resolved] Is there a way to add photos to each post on the homepage? 5 fleuristesupplies 8 months
[resolved] Header Size 8 wealthtogether 8 months
[resolved] Comment author not displaying 5 yawninggetsyounowhere 8 months
[resolved] slider down-sizing full image 4 neeraga1 8 months
[resolved] the post format option is missing 3 neeraga1 8 months
[resolved] Slider isn't switching slides 2 neeraga1 8 months
[resolved] Category text is getting cut-off by right margin 3 yawninggetsyounowhere 8 months
[resolved] Ability to omit lines from the article/post summary "widget"? 5 yawninggetsyounowhere 8 months
[resolved] How do I adjust the width of slider photos (or slider text)? 3 yawninggetsyounowhere 8 months
[resolved] Header is restrictive 3 jaclynpieleski 8 months
[resolved] How do I remove 'This entry was tagged HomePage. Bookmark the permalink' 2 neeraga1 8 months
[resolved] Mouseover (hover) text for social icons 3 workplacepsychology 8 months
[resolved] A few requested tweaks to header icons. 2 neeraga1 9 months
[resolved] Speed of Slider? 2 neeraga1 9 months
[resolved] Do I need a homepage? 3 johnbotkin 9 months
[resolved] contact info widget 2 neeraga1 9 months
[resolved] Custom Header too Large 2 neeraga1 9 months
[resolved] Phone numbers - need to add two 2 neeraga1 9 months
[resolved] Delete the "Powered by WordPress/customized info way theme 2 neeraga1 9 months
[resolved] How do I make a Slider image clickable to a link 2 neeraga1 9 months
[resolved] Social icons open in new window 3 workplacepsychology 9 months
[resolved] Javascript problem? 5 workplacepsychology 9 months
[resolved] InfoWay... Tried to add/nest Pages - Glitch? 6 neeraga1 9 months
[resolved] InfoWay... Tried to add/nest Pages - Glitch? 2 neeraga1 9 months
[resolved] How do I get Blog Pics to show up on front page? 1 terrywallingleaderbreakthru 10 months
[resolved] How do I get Blog Pics to show up on front page? 1 terrywallingleaderbreakthru 10 months

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