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And suddenly, there is no longer translation for "Previous post" 3 kathrynwp 1 minute
[resolved] Disfunction print button in post 6 kathrynwp 20 hours
[resolved] [closed] Headlines for posts and pages all in "UPPERCASE" 6 kathrynwp 23 hours
[resolved] [closed] Reduce distance between vid and paragraph 7 kathrynwp 3 weeks
[resolved] [closed] Hide "Archive Category" 4 kathrynwp 4 weeks
[resolved] [closed] Big bug at the bottom of the Furter theme : posts at the bottom disapeared 4 kathrynwp 4 weeks
[resolved] [closed] Is it possible to delate the date when we use picture format 4 kathrynwp 1 month
[closed] Support over the holidays 1 kathrynwp 3 months
[resolved] [closed] What happens at the buttons Search/Connection ? 5 kathrynwp 4 months
[resolved] [closed] Further Retired ? 3 kathrynwp 4 months
[closed] Change margin left and right in static pages 9 kathrynwp 6 months
[closed] is it possible to disable the photo at the top of certain post 6 kathrynwp 7 months
[closed] Activate Button Disappeared 7 kathrynwp 7 months
[closed] More than 2 "Link" posts in Content Sidebar 3 kylerq 7 months
[closed] Soundcloud Player at the top 6 michiecat 7 months
[closed] Facebook Page 5 michiecat 7 months
[resolved] [closed] Problem of translation 7 sixhours 7 months
[resolved] [closed] Posts Being Shared on Twitter w/o Consent 7 michiecat 7 months
[closed] Hide post with particular TAGS from homepage 4 michiecat 8 months
[resolved] [closed] Can Top menu be different from Side menu? 4 michiecat 8 months
[closed] CSS code to hide sharing buttons from homepage 5 michiecat 8 months
[closed] Add a button like "search" on the left of the "connexion" button 2 michiecat 8 months
[closed] Increase size of the menu title 4 michiecat 8 months
[closed] Next update of the Further Theme : when ? 3 crcgtpc 8 months
[closed] Featured images not filling available space above blog 27 michiecat 8 months
[resolved] [closed] Align picture of the right sidebar 5 crcgtpc 8 months
[resolved] [closed] Image Gallery 4 mariekazalia 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Eliminating underline in hyperlinks 17 kirkwight 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Int├ęgrate a Polldady in the right sidebar 2 philiparthurmoore 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Widgets Have a Mind of Their Own! 4 michaelfields 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Share buttons + Featured images disappeard 4 michaelfields 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Hover Color 5 michaelfields 9 months
[resolved] [closed] 3 posts "Asides" visibles and not just 2 5 crcgtpc 9 months
[resolved] [closed] iPhone/iPad Compatibility 6 kirkwight 9 months
[resolved] [closed] How to add the Featured content ?? 7 mariekazalia 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Little changes 38 philiparthurmoore 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Creating Recent Posts 6 philiparthurmoore 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Remove the space between the first post and the 5 philiparthurmoore 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Soundcloud Player at the top 7 philiparthurmoore 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Gallery and blog roll 4 michaelfields 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Exact Accent Color 5 kirkwight 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Theme purchase 2 michaelfields 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Eliminating Meta and author in asides 11 michaelfields 9 months
[resolved] [closed] Bigger content area, smaller sidebars 4 michaelfields 10 months
[resolved] [closed] Bigger videos 3 jorgeocampo 10 months
[resolved] [closed] Color of the left column and upper banner 6 philiparthurmoore 10 months
[resolved] [closed] MAKE A WIDGET RSS A PAGE 2 michaelfields 10 months
[resolved] [closed] Add a logo 2 michaelfields 10 months
[resolved] [closed] "Read More" on entries of my blog 4 michaelfields 10 months
[resolved] [closed] Problem with Title on Further 4 michaelfields 10 months
[resolved] [closed] resizing the image placeholders in posts? 7 michaelfields 10 months
[resolved] [closed] center the blog 3 michaelfields 10 months
[resolved] [closed] How to set metadata for search engines? 3 greyrocket 10 months
[resolved] [closed] Google Translate at the top banner 4 eatognotti 10 months
[resolved] [closed] Content Sidebar on Index 2 nesnjpelletier 10 months
[resolved] [closed] No title appearing for galleries on home page? 3 greyrocket 10 months
[resolved] [closed] Change size of featured image on post 3 mrchattaway 11 months
[resolved] [closed] Left Bar more width 300PX 3 madhypemx 11 months
[resolved] [closed] Image Widgets on 1 Line 7 michiecat 11 months
[resolved] [closed] Moving Featured Content 9 sixhours 11 months

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